Coincidence? I think not.

Do you believe in coincidence or in synchronicity? Why?

I have always been suspicious of coincidences. Eventually I stopped believing in them.

I am not clear on how synchronicity works, but I am attempting to figure it out.

This morning on my way to Yoga my car broke down. It is at the garage now. As I understand it some cables in the transmission snapped and need to be replaced.

Back at home I reflected on how the last time the car broke down on me, I was also on my way to yoga.

That was a year ago, and my brakes snapped and failed.

It then dawned on me that both times the car broke down I was at a traffic light.

Now, to put things into perspective I drive the car every day, I go to Yoga on average once a week.

So what are the commonalities here?

1)Something in the car snaps and breaks.

2)It happens at a traffic light.

3)I don’t make it to Yoga.

What is the message? Is there one?

I would love to hear what you think about this and coincidence versus synchronicity in general.